Lawn Care Programme

The ideal Lawn Treatment programme that keeps your lawn looking its best all year round.


This is the time to kick-start your lawn for the new season as well as control moss that has formed over the dark, wet, winter period. For this, we recommend our specially formulated granular moss-killer/fertiliser with Dual Action Moss Killer and Feed. This will really give your lawn the wow factor. 

We would also recommend a selective weed killer designed for grass such as Resolva Lawn Weedkiller. 

Alternatively, we also offer a spring fertiliser which includes a moss and weed killer Pro Lawn's Feed and Weed with Moss Killer.


For over the summer period, there is no better fertiliser than Pro Lawn's slow release Advanced Polly S Technology NPK 24.5.13. This will encourage a healthy balanced growth and will help to replace nutrients lost from cutting and develop a healthy grass sward. The lawn may also require a selective weed killer. 

Alternatively, if you do not wish to apply a separate weed killer, Pro Lawn's feed and weed fertiliser could be used.

Please also remember that watering is very important and lawns must be watered every day that there is no rainfall in order to avoid drying out.  A sprinkler is the most time-saving tool at this time of year.


With the Pro Lawn Autumn fertiliser, we have further reduced the nitrogen and increased the potassium and included iron. This will help to strengthen the plant going into winter and maintain that healthy look. 


In winter we have developed a Soluble Ferrous Sulphate. This will green up your grass without causing growth, aids in disease resistance, control worm casts, and also help control moss when it grows most in dark/wet days.