Rapid Green Soluble Iron 2.5kg

Pro Lawns Rapid Green Soluble Iron This is one of the highest quality iron sulphates available to the market. One of its main uses is to control moss during the long autumn/winter months. Iron is important to the plants needs as it strengthens the plant and protects the sward against frost whilst also making it less susceptible to disease and reduce soil ph. This fast acting product will also provide a rapid green up.

Key Features:

  • Rapid green up without excessive foliar growth
  • Discourages worm activity
  • Controls moss during the cold autumn/ winter months
  • Hardens the grass making it less susceptible to disease

Application rates for lawns:

  • Apply 30g/m² to 1 litre of water to kill moss
  • Apply 10g/m² to 1 litre for turf hardening & cool weather disease resistance

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